Hunter River High School

Quality Relationships, Quality Learning

Telephone02 4987 2306

Student Support Services

Head Teacher, Mrs Sharon O'Rourke –

Multi Cat Class, Ms Antania Gage - antonia.gage1@det.nsw.edua.u

TLC (Library), Mrs Fiona Olds -

TLC (Library), Mrs Fiona Brain -

Stage 4, Mr Andrew Dinham -

Stage 4/5, Miss Kaitlin Abercrombie -

Stage 5/6, Mrs Kerin Joyce -

Stage 5/6, Mrs Rosemary Potter -

RFF, Mr Grant Strickland -

Phoenix Class, Mrs Pauline Middleton -

Phoenix Class, Mr Damon Barry - damon.barry2@det.nsw.edua.u


Student Learning Support Officers:

Mrs Deb Bottrill

Mrs Di Corrigan

Mrs Toni Piggott

Mrs Cath Williams - Phoenix Class

Mr Matt Rogers

Mrs Mandy Thomas

Mr Jacob Springfield

Mrs Lyn McDonald


Located:  At the end of H Block before the Staff Common Room


The SSS Faculty actively plans for the development of knowledge and skills in staff and students. We aim to facilitate programs that link schools with key agencies and community groups, and support students in their transition through school to adulthood as lifelong learners. Our vision is one of teachers, parents and communities "striving together" to provide opportunities for all citizens to achieve active participation in our society.
The SSS Faculty offers programs for students with learning and behaviour difficulties, intellectual disability and other special needs. It provides support in curriculum access, communication, social skills, personal care and safety, mobility, and health care through the development of individual transition, education and behaviour plans.