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The 8 Ways framework allows educators to explore Aboriginal ways of learning, focusing on teaching through culture. Our focus is still based on curriculum content; however, by learning through these Aboriginal perspectives, we are able to explore the importance of processes as well as content. 8 Ways is a constantly developing framework, containing communal expertise. Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and educators continue the 8 Ways pedagogy in a cross-cultural dialogue. The 8 Ways of learning benefits every student in the classroom, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal. Every place and every person has it's own unique context. These 8 Ways are merely a starting point for dialogue.

At Hunter River High School, we believe all types of learning are situated in the physical world around us, which increases relevance and connectedness of learning to our community. Each of the 8 Ways are therefore interrelated, as with most Aboriginal knowledge and ways of thinking.

Aboriginal pedagogies produce creative and cooperative learners, by exploring Story Sharing, Learning Maps, Non-Verbal, Symbols and Images, Land Links, Non-Linear, Deconstruct/Reconstruct and Community Links. At Hunter River High School, we are identifying these strategies using the following symbols within the classroom:

8 Ways Learning Diagram




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