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Happy Families Articles

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" My goal is for parents, teachers, and those who work with children to see them for the precious humans they are; to connect with them in meaningful ways; and to guide those children to become strong, caring, whole adults." - Dr Justin Coulson

Follow the link to view or download articles:

School Refusal

Why Create Rites of Passage

Grades Do Not Define Our Worth


Mind Your Language. How what you say creates your childʼs mindset

Threats and Rewards

Learning to Take On Challenges

My Child is a Bully

Are You a Good Listener? 


Upcoming Webinars

Term 3 | We need to talk about Parent Wellbeing

with Dr Justin Coulson

Monday 21 August | 8pm AEST
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Term 4 | Enough: Overcoming Anxiety, Perfectionism & Self Loathing

with Dr Justin Coulson

Monday 16 October | 8pm AEDT 


Visit the Happy Families website here for more resources.